"You engage the Smelly Ghost and its cohort!"
It’s the trashcan monsters of Threed from the game Earthbound. The musty fellow on the right is the ‘Putrid Moldyman.’


here have my homestarsona because i am trash

Hi Bech, can I ask you how you draw hands (cause this is the most diffucult thing to draw adfghjhgfdf anywaaay), the "cartoonish" ones like on the color draw of yourself (the 75% leg thing) ?


I’ll see if I can help ya out with that! I’m not very good at teaching, but I can give a step-by-step of how I personally draw the more toony hands!

Here are some examples as well as some general tips.


#5695: slam

i know its like midnight but i feel like playing. come join! password’s deepsea


Nick Cave.

i am in a drawing mood but i have no clue what to draw! so therefore, i am taking drawing requests!! just put a request in my inbox and i’ll get around to it!