"you all really do care!”

the end is the cutest, strong sad is just SO happy to see all his friends wishing him a happy halloween!!

what a nerd

i’m gonna go rewatch doomy tales of the macabre, it’s my favorite halloween toon for obvious reasons




you don’t understand how much i need more homestar ytpmvs in my life


To say Octopus City Blues is weird is a bit of an understatement.  It’s glorious old school adventure game featuring some of the finest and most surreal pixel art animation you’re likely to set eyes on.

You assume the role of Kaf Kafkaryan, a cowardly middle-aged octopus blood junkie and tentacle trimmer, living in a city built around a giant octopus.  You explore the bizarre octopus city, full of colorful characters, strange sights and tentacles sprouting up from the ground (one of which is your wife), taking part in an adventure that takes place in real life and in your dreams.

Possibly due to the fact that you’re an octopus blood junkie, you experience extremely vivid dreams set in strange worlds populated by freaky creatures.  Your aim is to help the inhabitants in your dreams through interactions with characters in Octopus City and also uncover a far-reaching conspiracy.   There’s a lot to take in as you roam the city and explore your dreams, there’s also plenty of replay value too, with the promise of multiple endings and consequences of choices.

It’s a weird, wonderful, surreal adventure full of colouful characters, creative design and glorious pixel art animation.  To say Octopus City Blues is weird is a bit of an understatement, but to say it’s awesome is an understatement too.  The best use of tentacles since Day of the Tentacle.

Play the Alpha Demo, Free



Who is the target audience for Gogurt? Is it for children? I feel like the marketing is trying to make it look “cool” but I don’t know why. It’s cool to eat yogurt out of a tube. Cool kids don’t know how to use spoons? Spoons are for fucking losers. I’m on a public bus right now and I’ve never been in a relationship and I think about dropping out of college every day